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Ramah Outdoors Update
Posted On August 14, 2009

The reader of this blog (I am assuming that there is at least one) might think that I just decided to close up shop, as I have not posted in three weeks. However, despite my recent absence from the blogosphere, …

Institutional Memory
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Creating Institutional Memory:

I am on my way back to Denver after spending last week visiting two summer camps. One of the great parts of having this grant from the Jim Joseph Foundation is that I have the opportunity to …

Midway through Training
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I just came in to Denver for a few hours to restock our food, but wanted to write a quick blog post to update everyone on our training week.

In short, it is going amazingly well! As of Sunday night, …

A Window into our Staff Training
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We at Ramah Outdoors are gearing up for our first staff training session which begins on Sunday. I am heading o the Ranch this Friday with 3 other leaders for Shabbat before heading to the airport on Sunday to pick …

Thoughts From the Ranch
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I just returned from an amazing 36 hours at the Ramah Rockies Ranch. I had been there twice before, although never in the growing season. Wow, what a magical place! Although I have been telling people for some time that …

Rafting in the Rockies
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As things heat up here I will be returning to more regular blog posts so long as I am near an internet connection which is not something I take for granted out here:

Greetings from Denver:

I finally had a …

A Great Song
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This weeks blog posting is VERY short. I am sure I am not the only one who gets odd looks when I say I involved in creating a Jewish camp focusing on outdoor adventure. People sometimes think I am crazy …

Jesus Camp
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I returned yesterday from another Foundation for Jewish Camp conference in NJ. I have to say, that these conferences are actually pretty interesting. For the most part, the sessions are useful and informative. For example, this past week we spent …

Top Ten Jewish Texts on the Environment
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Last week an educator asked me to collect my ten favorite texts about the enviroment. I could have written way more than ten, but kept to that number. Below are the ones I have come up with. Feel free to …

Alone with Nature
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People are often surprised when I tell them that I never went to Jewish camp as a child. As a student at an Orthodox Day School and growing up in an observant family, my parents wanted me to get other …

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