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Location & Facilities

Our Location

Ramah in the Rockies isa 360-acre ranch nestled in the pristine Pike and San Isabel National Forests. Ramah is only 90 minutes from Denver, at an elevation of 8,000 feet. The ranch is surrounded by magnificent towering mountain peaks with three mountain-fed streams running through the middle of camp. We have on-site natural climbing walls, horse stables, numerous fields for sports, and hundreds of lush, verdant acres for our chalutzim to safely explore every day.

Our Facilities

All Ramah in the Rockies sleeping facilities are rustic and solidly-built to withstand the elements. A maximum of 10 chalutzim (lit. pioneers i.e. campers) share a large walled, platform tent; each tent houses two madrichim (camp counselors). The tents are arranged around communal showers and toilet facilities. Meals are served in either the dining hall or under outdoor pavilions located throughout the property.

At base camp, campers sleep in the large sturdy platform tents according to their gender and edah (age unit).  Each tent holds 10 to 12 participants plus two instructors. Tents are equipped with bunk beds and cubbies for storage.

Excursions give chalutzim the chance to sleep outdoors along a mountain stream, in an alpine valley, or along the banks of a river. Our camp provides lightweight tents for all participants that hold up to five individuals.


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Around Camp

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Views from around our 360 acre ranch

IMG_2914     IMG_3196

Camper Tents                                   Bunk Beds

IMG_4252     IMG_4233

Bathhouse/Toilets                            Composting Toilet

IMG_4188     IMG_4181

Private Guest Cabin                          Inside the Guest Cabin

Horse barn     IMG_2820

Horse Barn                                       Animal Farm and Garden 

IMG_4131     IMG_4167

Basketball Court                              Bouldering Wall (330 sqft.)

IMG_3970     IMG_4232

Bike Tent                                         Covered Pavilion (Program Space)

dining hall4a    IMG_3770

  Dinning Tent                              Dining Hall Table

IMG_2059     IMG_2060     ramah-day-one--1595

Garden Shed 1 Garden Shed 2

Art around camp